Me, Myself and I


Growing up under the sunny skies of Austin, Texas has had a profound influence on my attitude and outlook towards life- both the sunshine and the funkiness of Austin played it’s part. I believe that everything is possible, that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining and that life is meant to be a whole lot of fun even while it is gritty and tough.


My life story begins in the US, yet upon graduating from college, it has woven its way through Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and countless cities and countries throughout the world. There are many stories and memories that would take up too much space to put down here. Ask me about my travels and you’ll get an earful! I am now grounded in Germany, but travel as much as possible because my curiosity for learning, meeting new people, seeing foreign lands and discovering the bounty of this earth is just too great to contain.


I landed in Germany in 2007 via Denmark and life took a course that I could have never dreamed up. It is here that I really dove into my love for nature and yoga. There has been an unprecedented amount of personal development, growth and work that I've done here. Being alone in a foreign land- facing loneliness, fear, uncertainty and having no idea what life held or could hold- brought me to a deeper place within where I connected to my own strength and true sense of who I really am. It is from this space that I was able to create the life I now lead, from my heart. I've settled down and into life here and have a German partner and a beautiful daughter and step-daughter, all who fill me with a love that I had never known possible.


Through my time in Germany I have learned to believe in a life that is raw, truthful, real, open, honest, free. Hard and painful at times but glorious and breathtaking at others. I believe in sharing, community, giving, learning, loving, trying, failing and trying again. You get out of it what you put into it, and if you want to have it all-you've got to give it all. And so I do.


Here is an interview I've done for Thrive Podcast- "Finding Your Voice and Following Your Dreams by Sailing Around the World": 


  And an interview for Balancing Culture's Podcast-"Cultural Confrontation- Gaining Perspective in an African Mud Hut":







My Professional CV




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