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12 September 2024 15:00 - 16:00

Folge dem Ruf Deines Lebens: Initiation Retreat in Nature

Inner Nature, Höhenstadl 4
Loitzendorf, Bayern 94359 Germany

What is life asking of you right now?

What is the direction of the next developmental step within you and your life?

What do you need to make this happen?

As we go through life, we find ourselves in different phases and we meet different parts of ourselves. Each phase presents us with the opportunity to learn and grow, to stretch ourselves farther than before and to step into new and unchartered territory. These steps require us to call on our courage, curiosity, and willingness to change as well as a commitment to ourselves to walk a new path.

When we find ourselves in these stages, it is essential that we take quiet time, away from our daily lives, to step into a space that shows us the way forward. A space where we can truly listen to ourselves and our hearts. A space that is safe, held, and created for us to do the work that we are asked to do.

Join Arthur Dorsch and I for a 3,5 day nature-based seminar that offers you the space to explore and listen to yourself, in a natural setting, so that you are able to connect to your life and your heart and reorient your inner compass.

This is a seminar for anyone who:

  • Needs clarity for a given life situation
  • Is unsure of what your next step in life is
  • Knows what your next step is but shy away from doing it
  • Need to summon courage for the next phase
  • Find yourself stuck in the same patterns/relationships/habits
  • Do not believe that you can make the changes you need/want

What you receive:

  • Time and space to listen to yourself without distractions
  • A deeper connection to yourself and to your life as it is- physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Coachings to support you as you open up to yourself and to your life
  • A supportive group and partner sharings
  • A quiet and private nature space to work with and in
  • An initiation- an evening, overnight and morning in the forest to come into contact with the deeper parts of yourself and an intimate contact with nature- a space to listen, feel and receive answers to your questions
  • Individual, focused and clear feedback about your experience from two coaches
  • Clear, concrete steps that you will make for this next phase of life

19% MwSt is included in the price.

Accommodations which are included in the price are:  your own tent or bus, outside under the stars or in a hay barn. There is a Bauwagon available for an extra overnight charge.

There are 3 full vegetarian meals per day lovingly cooked by a vegetarian chef.

For the German version: https://innernature.de/folge-dem-ruf-deines-lebens/

Costs: 380 EUR Seminar costs + accommodations

195 EUR: meal costs





Please fill out the booking formula to secure your space in the course. You will receive a confirmation that the booking is processed as well as payment information. 

Bitte fülle das Buchungsformular aus, um deinen Platz im Kurs zu sichern. Du erhältst eine Bestätigung, dass die Buchung bearbeitet wurde, sowie die Zahlungsinformationen.