Amie’s Sunshine Kitchen: Retreat Cooking

It is my pleasure to lovingly cook and prepare seasonal, organic, mostly local vegan/vegetarian food for your 2+ day retreat.

After the birth of my daughter I founded a small business called “Amie’s Sunshine Kitchen”, where I cooked weekly organic and locally sourced vegan/vegetarian meals for people too busy to cook healthy for themselves. The business took off, leaving me biting off more than I could chew.

After one year, I re-evaluated my decision and realized that as much as I loved cooking and supporting others with clean, healthy and good food, I was no longer loving doing it in this capacity. It took up all of time, most of which was spent running the business rather than doing the actual cooking, and so I gave it up.

Rather than giving up completely, because that would have been a real shame, I transformed it into cooking for retreats. In this capacity I am able to shine- I can still nurture, create, cook passionately and at the same time, meet and connect with other amazing people.

If you are interested in having me cook for your next retreat, please send me an email.

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Organic food is the cornerstone of a healthy life. I cook only with organic fruits and vegetables and use only organic ingredients in my food. I choose as local and as fresh as possible.


Nature has a beautiful way of providing the foods our bodies need in each and every season. I honor nature’s rhythm’s in my cooking and choose foods that grow locally and that are in season.


I cook as fresh and clean as possible, but am not a raw foodist. I follow the seasons and create meals based on what it needed (warm soups, raw vegetables, etc.). I cook almost everything from scratch.


My calendar tends to book up quickly, so please let me know as far in advance as possible when you would like me to cook.


Please send me an email with your dates, location, number of people and food wishes (brunch, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.), so that I can best accommodate your wishes.


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and prefer to speak with you on the phone. Please do not send me a voice message!

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