Circles and Gatherings

Sitting in circle with a group of women holds immense power. It is a space to connect on another level entirely. It is time to bring everything that is within you- your heartache, pain, joy, exuberance, love, questions, emotions, etc.- to the table. Open, honest and real.

Most of our lives are spent keeping ourselves together so that we appear to have it all together, when sometimes we do and sometimes we just don’t. Our modern culture tends to shame those who aren’t playing out the superwoman role and so we act as if we are superwoman. When in fact, we’re vulnerable, emotional beings who are multi-faceted and have a lot of things going on. 

We have the ability to be happy and sad all in the same breath. We can feel rage and pain simultaneously. This is the dichotomy of life, the dual nature of all things. It’s never “all good”, nor is it “all bad”.

In circle, you are invited to step into a safe space where you are listened to, respected, held, cherished and understood. It is not a space of judgement, but one of acceptance.

I create circles of women so that we can sit together and share what is on our hearts, celebrate the life that we have, understand our processes better and connect deeply to other women.

My circles are mainly in nature, but now always. The are, however, always about radical honesty, commitment to yourself and to the group and to shining your own light- even if you feel it is dim.

What does it do?


One of the first rules that we follow while in circle, is that of respect for ourselves and for one and other. This comes through active listening, non-judgement, trust, awareness and discretion.


The more honest that we can be with ourselves, the more honest and real we can be with others. I encourage everyone to be as honest as possible, even though it can be difficult. This is where the magic lies.


A bond created between women can be one of the most beautiful, uplifting, positive and joyous parts of life. My wish is that we create this bond with each other through sharing our stories, opening our hearts and love.

How do you benefit?

By opening up to a group of other women, who are there to listen and to speak, you are heard and seen. Sitting in a circle of women is about listening, feeling, understanding, speaking from the heart and connection.

We are all on the same journey, even though our experiences are different, we are connected through our understanding of life’s joys, sorrows, trials, wonderments, magic, hopes and fears.

When you share your experiences with others, you offer a part of yourself to others, and at the same time, you are able to take away love, trust and understanding.

This is the connection so many of seek for in life.