Nature Retreats

Take time to get away from the everyday and dive deep into your heart. Explore what is there in silence, community, a new and beautiful landscape and while being completely taken care of. New inspiration, new impulses and new lands are waiting....

Several times per year I offer retreats, in nature, as a way for you to connect to yourself without the noise, distraction or to-do list of daily life.

These retreats ask that you come as you are, allow yourself to let go and feel held, look within, open up as much as you are ready to and connect to those around you. There is a lot of personal potential in spending a week/weekend away, focusing solely on yourself, so that you may bring yourself back into balance, return with renewed energy and purpose and transform yourself into the vision that you hold for yourself.

Each retreat is different and I sometimes co-create with others in order to bring even more magic into life!

I’ve been leading retreats for the past ten years, and I as I grow, evolve and change, so do they. Most of my offers are for women only, but not all of them.


It is important to take time off, to step away from day to day life, to rest on a deep level and to look within and notice what is there.


Deep listening is a skill that needs to be practiced. When we can truly listen, our connection to others (and ourselves) grows.


Time away brings a renewed sense of visions and dreams. When we shift our perception, we open up to endless possibilities.

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