Sweatlodges are ceremonies to pray, purify, release and connect- with nature, yourself and the spirit world.

Having taken part for over twenty years in sweatlodge ceremonies across the globe, I was called to lead them.

My role as a leader is to hold the space for everything that arises, to guide the participants deeper into their own selves and heart and to work with the spirits present.

I have learned, and continue to learn, from my mentor Arthur Dorsch, who has passed on the teachings of the Lakota tradition, in the European way.

I lead private ceremonies for rites of passage, groups with specific intentions, marriages, birthdays and transitions of any kind.

Sweatlodges are a beautiful way to reconnect to yourself, to Mother Earth, to the spirits and others.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about a private ceremony.


Rituals give us the space to celebrate and connect to the Earth and spirit world with purpose. They offer an opportunity for us to be more present within our own hearts.


Ceremonies are a way for us to honor, as a group, important life transitions, rites of passage, and other meaningful events that occur in our lives.


As humans we are seeking connection and meaning with each other and the world we cannot see. Having profound experiences within a group allows us to open more.

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