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My yoga journey began while I was still in the single digits back in the 1980’s during my training as a competitive diver- this was WELL before yoga was the popular institution that is now. When I began practicing yoga there were no studios and only one teacher in my entire city, who worked out of a massage practice. Fast forward to now and it’s absolutely amazing how fast yoga has become a mainstream staple of our Western culture.

I had an on and off love affair with yoga during my teens and 20s and finally committed to it in my early thirties when I moved to Munich. Once I committed, the only natural way was to then become a teacher.

Yoga has defined much of who I am today- it’s given me structure, discipline, a foundation to always go back to, physical strength and flexibility and a starting point for my own spiritual practice. Although yoga is a small part of my work, it plays a big role in guiding my life.

I received my 200 h YTT in Dharamasala, India in 2011. I felt that although India was a good place to learn, it didn’t give me the skill set I needed to teach in the West, so I returned to Austin, Texas and worked with several private teachers in order to learn more. I have continued to attend workshops and courses over the years across the world.

I teach Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga and have really slowed down my own practice since I initially began teaching. As I get older, I realize that I need a more restful and calm yoga then one that is full of difficult asanas and a fast pace. My classes are still challenging when they need to be, but I find much more joy in slow movement and attentive breathwork. 

I no longer teach regular, weekly courses. I do my best to offer monthly workshops and several retreats per year. You can also practice with me online, on my You Tube Channel, which I update regularly.


The quality of our life depends on the state of our bodies. Movement is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and makes us feel open, alive and free.


So much of our lives today are busy and full which causes stress to the body, mind and spirit. Learn to pause, stop and breathe.


Our physical, mental and spiritual states of being need to be cared for and nurtured consistently so that we may blossom and grow.

Yoga Courses

Every Monday from 9-10 online.



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